PBS is under threat

The current administration would like to see the end of PBS, so much so that they have threatened to reduce the budget now & eliminate it completely later.  Yeah, who need Sesame Street?  Who needs Nature and Nova and all the other intelligent programming that PBS brings to millions of viewers FOR FREE?  I’ll tell […]

Sinatra at the Sands at The Triple Door

June 24th I’ll be with Joey Jewell and Jim Kerl & the Swingin’ 60’s Orchestra at the Triple Door performing in their “Sinatra at the Sands” show. This show always sells out!  If you’re planning to be there, get your tickets now.  Two shows: 7:00 & 10:00.

Tula’s in June

This month at Tula’s the Smith-Staelens Big Band is so lucky to have Scott Ketron back on drums.  We’re dragging out a bunch or arrangements that we haven’t done for ages, so come down & see if the band’s sight reading skills are up to it!

Giving Tuesday

You know Black Friday and Cyber Monday but do you know about Giving Tuesday?  Tuesday November 29th  is a global celebration of non-profit organizations working to improve our lives. Join this global movement right here in your own community with a special gift to KBTC. Your gift touches the lives of your family, friends and […]

Ushering in the holiday season

Join us at Tula’s on December 7 as we usher in the holidays with some seasonal classics.  By December 7, you probably won’t be sick of hearing Christmas songs – unless you spend a lot of time at the mall.

Silver and sparkle

My first collection of designs features sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.  I love the way they catch the light – like rhinestones, but in a subtler way.

Life gets in the way

I start each year vowing that I’ll pay more attention to my social media profile.  The trouble is, life always seems to get in the way.  That, however, isn’t always a bad thing.  Though my Kickstarter campaign to finance a new recording of Steve Sample arrangements wasn’t successful, it put me back in touch with […]

Deepak Chopra

What an honor to have Deepak Chopra live at KBTC for a pledge night around his wonderful new book & PBS special, “The Future of God!”  One of the thank-you gifts included the “Deepak Chopra Dreamweaver,” a pair of LED embedded glasses that helps you achieve a state of deep meditation within minutes.  Can’t wait to […]

Great Community at UW

I had a great time participating in “Ovations,” at Meany Hall at UW.  It was a show featuring staff from the University of Washington.  A great, supportive atmosphere and camaraderie helped make it a night to remember.  Best of all was the professional debut of Kevin Murphy on drums who absolutely killed!  This high schooler is a […]

Apple pie-ish

Found this great recipe and had to try it.  sort of like the baked apples my Grandmother used to make me, but with a lattice crust.  I cut down on the amount of sugar in the recipe to make it a bit more to my taste.