The Big Band Theory

The debut recording of the Smith-Staelens Big Band was “The Big Band Theory.”

The Big Band Theory

Critics had some pretty nice things to say about it.

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Bethany Smith Staelens: The Big Band Theory
Bethany Smith Staelens: The Big Band Theory

Recorded in NY in 2008, it featured:

Trumpets: Bruce Staelens, Mike Ponella, Jon Owens, Darryl Shaw, Mike Holover
Trombones: Charley Gordon, Bruce Eidem, Tim Sessions, John Allred, Joe Barati
Saxes: Marc Phaneuf, Bruce Williamson, Dan Jordan, Dave Rieckenberg, Gerry Niewood
Rhythm: Rich Shemaria – piano, Phil Palombi – bass, Scott Neumann – drums
Featuring arrangements by Steve Sample and Rich Shemaria